Here’s what I’ve packed for a 6-month trip to New Zealand.

I. Clothes

• Windbreaker: to protect myself from wind.
• Down jacket: to keep myself warm.
• Long sleeve blouse: to keep myself warm in slightly chilly weather.
• Poncho: to keep myself dry.
• Pair of hiking trousers: for cold weather.
• 2 pairs of hiking shorts: for everyday use.
• 2 merino t-shirts: for everyday use.
• 2 synthetic t-shirts: for activities requiring profuse sweating.
• Cotton t-shirt: not sure why.
• Merino top & leggings: base layer to keep myself warm.
• Pair of windproof leggins: when shorts are not enough.
• 7 pairs of socks & underwear: to reduce amount of laundering.
• Merino buff & headband: to keep my neck and head warm.
• Gloves: to keep my hands warm.

II. Shoes

• Sandals: for everyday use.
• Hiking boots: for nasty weather.

III. Toiletries

• Shampoo: to keep my hair clean.
• Piece of soap: to keep my body clean.
• Toothbrush, toothpaste & dental floss: for oral hygiene.
• Nail clippers & nail file: to keep my nails short.
• Hand cream & chapstick: just in case.
• Toilet wipes: 😏

IV. Gadgets

• Smartphone: for everyday use.
• Laptop: to edit videos & entertainment.
• Camera: to record memories.
• Kindle: to absorb knowledge.
• Headphones: to remove distractions.
• Bluetooth speaker: to listen to Pink Floyd while watching stars.
• Bodygroomer: to mow my jungles.
• Power bank: for emergency cases.

V. Miscellaneous

• Sleeping bag: to sleep like at home.
• First aid kit: for emergency cases.
• Notebook: to capture thoughts & feelings.
• Deck of cards: to teach kiwi how to play Yaniv.

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